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The term ‘Holistic Hospitality Management’ is gaining prominence in the hospitality industry, especially with a shift in its perception towards wellness. Although health and wellness are often linked to weight loss, this book looks at the business side of this concept with a unique perspective from

The author, Margaret O’Rourke has done extensive research and has helped many wellness professionals to create their own effective consulting firm. She also has vast experience in the hospitality industry, having worked in hotels, casinos, retail, and theme parks. This book is based on her previous experiences.

In this book, O’Rourke provides her unique insight into what is needed for effective wellness hotel staff training. Her solutions include:

You must include this in your resort’s planning – Having adequate catering facilities for healthy foods is a great first step in supporting health in your guests. O’Rourke proposes that employees are required to live and work with a normal weight, but must also understand that health can be maintained with some sacrifice in food.

Meals and menu – Your catering services will benefit from this, as it presents a whole new option to restaurants and other types of eateries. It will provide an easy-to-digest menu that is well presented and displayed for guests to choose from.

Holistic Health Policy – As part of your hotel management consultancy, O’Rourke proposes a comprehensive policy that covers the total care of your wellness, both personal and professional. It makes a strong statement about your commitment to the overall well being of your guests.

Working environment – You can have fun working with this book – It is divided into sections that follow the topic of wellness hotel staff training. Each section examines one important area such as diet, nutrition, fitness, healthy eating, and communication with the guests.

Great results and customer satisfaction – This book provides practical advice and guidance for creating and maintaining excellent guest relations. It helps with planning successful events, creating healthy eating choices, and making good choices in the selection of staff.

Superior Productivity – Work from home facility – Many people want to work from home and enjoy their leisure time. O’Rourke offers a suggestion to help reduce travel expenses and stay in the comfort of your own home and not require airfare or hotel fees.

Motivational Speaker – You can bring all the information you need and even the opportunity to appear on TV. This means that you can present your book at conferences, community events, and festivals where it is convenient to you.

The book is written in a very clear and engaging style. It will provide all the help and inspiration you need to take your hotel or resort to the next level.