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At first glance, the website of Norman Ebenstein – Company Description and Opportunities appears to be a company that can help you get your feet wet in the business world. However, take a closer look and the website contains many unverifiable and highly unsubstantiated claims, thus, detracting from the trustworthiness of the site.

The claims of the website are not related to the one promoted on the website. Instead, these claims revolve around “Multi Level Marketing and Bootstrapping opportunities.” It is difficult to find any direct statements on how one would succeed with the company.

What is multi-level marketing? “Multi Level Marketing (MLM) offers businesses the opportunity to be involved in multiple marketing segments to get the highest return on investment and drive a top-to-bottom customer experience. MLM opportunities offer an integrated approach to business growth that is directed at reaching a wide spectrum of customers and prospects.”

Norman Ebensteins company description and opportunities

A clear and well-written description on what a company does is a must when it comes to networking websites. The truth is that many of these marketing websites do not provide comprehensive information about what they do.

If there is a link to the one thing on the website that one will succeed with, then it is not an opportunity. For example, many companies that promote the idea of MLM opportunities as a means to success include the MLM success stories in their description.

They do not provide any information on what the true nature of the industry is. This is not surprising given the fact that many of these companies may have strong ties to network marketing companies, which do not come with negative connotations.

As a general rule, the description on any MLM company description should not contain any testimonials from other people. The reputation of these companies depends on how effective they are at promoting the real merits of the industry.

All MLM companies should take special care to properly describe their business. For example, many people have the misconception that network marketing companies are an easy business to start up.

It is a poor choice to market a network marketing company as an easy way to start up. Some of the primary differences that separate the success of a successful network marketing company from a failed one is the quality of the individual members, leadership, marketing, and of course, the company’s ability to reach the market.

In most cases, the leaders of a MLM company are considered very valuable assets. Whether one is a leader or not will depend on how one views themselves and how one thinks about themselves.

For example, one who is not a leader is a follower in a MLM company. On the other hand, a leader is someone who can guide and manage others and therefore brings something to the table that is not present in followers.

MLM opportunities are a form of business networking. When a company refers to it as a form of business networking, it should be understood that the bottom line is sales.