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If you’re thinking about taking a Thai Massage and Absolute Sanctuary vacation in Thailand, then you might want to consider a massage retreat. It’s common knowledge that the two are most popular spa therapies. So what is a massage exactly?

Massage therapy has many names: Reiki, Shiatsu, Qi Gong, etc. And just about all of them are based on certain principles of healing and balancing the body. Massage helps the body to relax, rejuvenate, and heal. Massage is also a form of therapy that can be soothing, stimulating, or even therapeutic. Often the process of massage is associated with beliefs and spiritual practices.

The main focus of Thai massage is to have the individual feels “open” and relaxed. The concept is that tension and stress are building up in the body which will eventually lead to back pain and other physical problems.


A massage and Thai spa are both popular in a spa retreat but it is necessary to differentiate the two. A massage spa typically offers an array of treatments and services for individuals to enjoy. A massage center only offers treatments. But there are some high-end spa centers that offer an array of treatments for those who are looking for something specific.

Massage spa centers offer a lot more than just massages. There are various types of spas that focus on therapeutic services such as yoga retreats, yoga and relaxation, oriental and acupuncture, sports and recreation, massages, and even diet programs. Many offer yoga classes and group meditation sessions. And many provide massages along with some type of one-on-one consultation.

One of the benefits of a Thai massage and Thai spa is that they offer other therapeutic activities such as: spa treatments, Thai massage, Thai spa therapies, wellness, yoga retreats, deep tissue massages, and so on. They can include any of these services but the main focus is on relieving tension and promoting wellness.

Our body needs to be well cared for. Having fun and providing a relaxing atmosphere is the best way to accomplish this. These are some of the main benefits of a Thai massage and Thai spa.

Whether it is the Thai massage, Thai spa or Thai deep tissue massage, all these treatments are designed to provide a relaxed feeling and promote total well-being. These treatments are the most well-known and popular of all treatments offered. People coming from around the world use them because of their therapeutic benefits.