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The average cost to transport a car can be a little tricky to determine. In general, the pricing of transporting a car is based on the type of car and the distance to be covered.

car shipping average cost

Car shipping companies generally use two methods when transporting a car. One is to load it onto a trailer and move it via road, or the other is to use a truck. We will focus on the latter method.

It is very important to understand that the price for auto transport will be based on the distance covered by the car. The more distance covered, the higher the price. To take advantage of lower prices when shipping a car, do a little research to find the distance covered by your particular model, brand, and year of vehicle.

Based on this information, you can determine how many miles your car will be moving during the trip and make an estimate as to the maximum load capacity of the vehicle. Knowing the maximum load capacity will allow you to compare prices from one auto transport company to another.

A truck has a very different effect when compared to a trailer. A truck can carry a lot more weight than a trailer. This is why most auto transport companies use trucks when transporting cars. Since a trailer cannot be used for transporting a large vehicle, it is not worth the cost to transport a car by a trailer.

However, if your car is very heavy, and still fits into a small truck, it may be worth taking the trip. You will not be able to maneuver the truck to the destination, but you will at least be able to see your vehicle off at the end of the trip. If the company using a trailer is very experienced and has a good reputation, you may be able to arrange to pick up your car from the trailer after the trip.

For trips of five miles or less, a price quoted for a truck can be just as expensive as an auto transport company using a trailer. For journeys longer than five miles, however, the average price for a truck can be less expensive than that quoted for a trailer. For trips exceeding five miles, the average price for a truck is approximately one-third that of a trailer.

When all three of these factors are taken into consideration, the average cost to transport a car can be significantly less than the price quoted for a trailer. Make sure you compare prices before you choose one type over another.

Also, always look at the price to move your car through any one company before choosing another. For example, there are numerous auto transport companies that can offer you a variety of routes and locations to move your car. Most of these companies will quote you a flat rate, with no added fees, if you agree to pick up your car at their terminal.

Most of these companies will offer you free pickup and delivery, no matter where you are shipping your car, so be careful about accepting a flat rate and then having to pay extra charges to be picked up at the terminal. The average cost to transport a car through these companies will be significantly lower than a trailer price.

Again, the average cost to transport a car to a destination should always be compared to the average cost to transport a car using a trailer. When choosing between the two types of transport, always compare the price to find the lowest price.

Sometimes the lowest price is actually not the best deal, because if you have travel insurance you may be paying too much. Before you choose a company, make sure you check your travel insurance policy to see what you are covered for, as well as the company’s rates. You may also want to find out how long the company has been in business, as some companies may offer specials or deals that may save you money.