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When you first start a business in the Edmonton area, you’ll need to find a reliable supplier of electricity and natural gas to run your business. Some of the main utilities that businesses in Alberta can use are: natural gas, power, phone service, and water and sewer. Here is a look at some of the Alberta utility providers, including the rates and services they offer.

Edmonton electricity company
Edmonton electricity company

Natural gas and power are both provided by three main Alberta energy companies. British Columbia Hydro (British Columbia), Northwestel (Northern Alberta), and Trans Alberta (Trans-Alberta) provide this type of service to businesses. However, Trans-Alberta provides power, not natural gas, and therefore there is a difference between power and natural gas prices. This is important to know before signing up with a local energy company.

The cost of natural gas is based on three main factors: distance, time of use, and the duration of the usage. There are also rates for different methods of delivery, like tankers and pipelines. A company’s rate structure depends on the size of its operation and what type of business it is.

The next major factor to consider when looking for an Edmonton power or natural gas supplier is distance. Power companies provide this service throughout Alberta, whereas natural gas companies only offer services within the province. One of the biggest factors when choosing an Edmonton power or natural gas company is price. You’ll find two main types of pricing plans, which include flat rate prices and options for variable pricing.

A flat rate means that each time you buy a certain amount of power you will be charged the same rate, regardless of how much power you buy. With this type of pricing plan, you won’t have a choice about how much power you buy, but you do have the option of switching to a different company when a new agreement comes up. Some of the Alberta utility providers offer unlimited power and gas, which means you can buy unlimited amounts. If you are considering going with an unlimited pricing plan, make sure to check with your chosen power or natural gas company to see if this type of pricing can be arranged.

Variable pricing means that a customer may be charged a fixed rate for a specific period of time, or an equal rate for all periods of time during the month. Depending on how large your business is, you may want to consider using this type of pricing plan. It makes sense to use a company that offers variable pricing since you can try out the service and decide whether or not it is a good fit for your business. Many Alberta utility providers offer these kinds of options as part of their contracts.

As far as the cost of natural gas goes, the Alberta power provider of choice is actually a municipal utility. Municipal utilities can provide service for either homes or businesses and generally charge a little higher than other Alberta utility providers. The price of natural gas is based on the distance of the delivery to your business location, the length of time it will be used, and the number of customers who use it. This can help you make your decision on which service to use.

If you are looking for cheap rates, there are plenty of choices when it comes to gas and power. Alberta natural gas and power companies are abundant, so you’ll likely be able to find one near you that meets your needs. Before you sign up with an energy company, however, make sure to compare the rates and services offered by different companies.