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Bat Control Cincinnati, Ohio offer services for bats throughout your house, bats at the top of your roof, bats at your chimney and bats at your attic. Bats are an unsanitary nuisance creature that needs to be cleared out of your house. bat removal services with the use of bat containment devices and one way windows provide bat control.

Bat confinement provides safe, secure housing for your bat colony by providing it with a large enclosed area where it can live and breed in. This includes the attic where your bat colony often gathers during the warm summer months. A bat cage, or “Bati-Cat” can provide your bat with a safe haven in which to live and breed, especially during the winter. Bati-Cats can be constructed from wood or PVC materials and can be constructed in any size to accommodate your bat colony.

A Bat exclusion device helps prevent the escape of bats. These devices consist of a small metal pole with a large mesh window on the other side. Bats, when flying around, tend to touch the pole as they fly through the air. Once they touch the pole, they tend to fall down and crawl under the mesh window.

Bat exclusion devices can also prevent the damage of your bat houses. When bats are allowed to fly around freely in a home, they tend to damage the ceilings, walls and floors. When the bats are removed, homeowners often find that they are unable to replace the damage. If you do not have the time to repair your house after the removal of the bats, bat containment services will come and clean the house. Bat containment can also help prevent the spread of disease between humans and your pets.

Bat control is very important to keep pets and the environment safe. Without this service, your pet’s and your own health could suffer, especially if your pets are not properly vaccinated. Bats carry several types of diseases, including rabies and ehrlichiosis, both of which can cause death in humans. Bats may carry many viruses, as well, such as West Nile virus. and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Without the proper knowledge of bat removal services, pets may contract diseases while roaming in an unfamiliar home.

Bat control services will work to ensure that the removal of bats does not affect your health in any way. Even if you have bat removal services, the risk of contracting diseases remains, if you were not notified of the presence of bats and bat containment in your home. You should always call your local humane society for assistance should you suspect your family is at risk of contracting a bat infestation. In the case of a human illness, the bat extermination professionals will treat the illness before your pet has a chance to spread it. Once the infection is treated, the professional experts will euthanize all bats. The removal of the bats prevents the threat of spreading of the disease to humans and pets that you and your family will be exposed to.