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The Chinese have long used herbs for many reasons. Their belief that herbs have healing and therapeutic powers for many things ranging from wounds, insect bites to even the hair. They use herbs to cure many things from fever, sore throats to the common cold. And, today, many people are looking to the Chinese to give them back their lost hair.

Chinese Medicine is an old Eastern medicine practice. It uses herbs to treat a variety of conditions and views the human body as a whole and a system. There are many stories of successful hair regrowth with these Chinese herbal remedies.

The most well-known herb that the Chinese use in Chinese medicine for hair loss is saw palmetto. This herb has been used for centuries by people in many Asian countries to help fight off dandruff, hair loss and other skin problems. It is found in tea form and works best when taken in capsule form. While there are not any clinical studies on this herb to back it up for its effectiveness as a hair loss remedy, the results seem quite promising.

Another herb that is very well known by the Chinese is Shiitake. It is also a Japanese herb and has been used for hundreds of years. Shiitake is used as an anti-inflammatory and to treat a variety of skin problems including boils and burns. It is also found in some of the more popular hair loss remedies on the market today, such as Rogaine. Although the medical studies on the herb itself are not conclusive, some doctors feel that it has benefits that can help the hair follicles.

You may want to check out the top-rated Chinese medicine for hair loss reviews to get a bit of information about how the herb works. It is important to remember that every herb has its own healing properties that can affect your hair loss condition in different ways. In some cases, herbs may actually make it worse or better than you think. If you are not sure about the herb you are considering, check out a few reviews first before taking it.

Hair loss can be caused by various factors that range from hormones to stress. DHT is a hormone that attaches to the hair follicle and starts causing them to shrink. You can use Chinese herbs for hair growth to get your hair back if you look into how they can help with your problem. There is no reason why the Chinese shouldn’t be able to give you what you need to restore the hair you once had.