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The Swiffer Wet Jet cleaner, also known as the Smart Wheelie, has been making a name for itself in many homes around the world for several years now. This unit can be an extremely useful tool to have around, especially if you have children. This type of cleaner was developed specifically to help parents keep their floors free of any dust, stains, oil, pet dander, mold and anything else that could end up on their floors, which can quickly damage them and cause them to wear out faster. The unit comes in two different styles: the Smart Wheelie and the Wet Cleaner.

Swiffer pads for cleaning uses a dry jet of water with a mild detergent mixed into it to gently clean the motor, depending upon the level of dust, dirt and debris found, an average wet machine is reheated to kill or eliminate the dirty motor, the motor is then turned on to dry and vacuum the unit, air is used to completely clean the unit and then the brushes are rinsed and water is applied to the wheels to remove all the debris. The unit is then rinsed and dried and a new motor is set on. Swiffer Wet Jet Cleaners are made to be very durable and can last up to thirty years with proper care and maintenance.

In addition to the Swiffer Wet Jet Cleaner, the Smart Wheelie also comes in a few other options. The unit is designed to look like a regular floor cleaner. There are several different designs that come with unique features to keep the unit from being detected by your children. The designs also have a number of different settings, which allows the user to control the cleaning process. These include rotating the unit, changing the color of the rotating brushes and using either an on or off switch to control how many times the unit rinses.

The Sweeper Wet Jet cleaner also comes in a separate model that can easily be used on carpets and is designed with the same design features as the other model. It also has a few extra features that make it easy to operate and maintain. These additional features include a self-cleaning motor, a sensor to let you know when to switch to a different speed and an auto shut off feature which prevents the unit from working when not in use.

Most cleaners in this category have a long shelf life, but these cleaners tend to use a bit more water than the Swiffer Wet Jet cleaner does. Some users of cleaners in this category have noticed a difference in the way they use the unit, but this is usually due to the fact that the sweeper Wet Jet unit has a stronger motor than the Smart Wheelie and uses less water.

In order to maximize the longevity of the unit, you should make sure you follow the manufacturer’s directions on how to properly clean and maintain your sweeper Wet Jet or Smart Wheelie to ensure that you do not run into any problems down the road. Most manufacturers will recommend that you only use their cleaning agents on a weekly basis, this will keep your flooring free of dust and stains and ensure that the machine is running at full capacity for a long time.