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How much cost it will take to have the road cleared in winter for Polaris Ranger (snow plow for polaris ranger 570)? Why should I bother when they already have a snow plow and a bucket? The Highway Dept. already has a snow plow at Highway 41 South. And, they are supposed to have one by late February for the South Rim to use?

Why couldn’t they just clear the highway the first time they needed it and then do it all the time? Why did they wait until the middle of July to clear the highway? Why did they wait until the last minute? If you know the answer to those questions, then you probably don’t need snowplowing for Polaris Ranger.

The reason that the snow plow was not built in time for the May runoff is that the plow lanes were in disrepair anyway, let alone being perfectly plowed when it rains. The roads were just too dry and therefore, not allowable. Then the roads were badly worn after several years of heavy use. That, plus the rain, combined with the fact that Polaris was using the wrong type of snow removal chemical and then backed out on the usage completely, totally ruined the road. And now it needs another good plow job before the end of August.

So, if you are wondering, “Why need snow plow for Polaris Ranger?” You are probably thinking, “How can I get one?” Well, the answer to that is very simple. Most of the states in the south west are so far away from the Canadian Border that they will need to have the plow road built by someone who lives somewhere between them and Polaris.

Some states such as South Dakota actually have their roads plowed by trucks from Canada and will probably need snow plow for Polaris Ranger. This could be a problem because Canada has an army of truck drivers who cross the border every night to deliver supplies and troops to their bases at Fort Lewis and Canada has a huge shortage of drivers/artists/movers etc. So, if they have the need, they might have to build the road in the south west. The last time I checked, there was still some snow on the ground in Wyoming between Dec and Jan, but you never know. I think in most states it would take months to clear the road.

So, yes, Polaris will need snow plow for their plows and I believe it is imperative that they have those plows to keep moving the traffic. Without them, they are looking pretty slow. If you live in a state that does not depend on snowplowing, you need to check to see what your state requires plowing and I would also suggest to check the National Forest Service website and see what they require. If you need snow plow for Polaris Ranger, check with your local DOT office first. Then if you are at least curious about this, go check out the internet and look up the requirements for your state.