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If you’re considering getting a new upright piano for yourself or to give as a present to a friend or family member, you may want to take a look at some of the Kawai K500 reviews that are out there. The new model is designed to sit comfortably in your house as it has a slatted back which allows for easy storage. It doesn’t have all the fancy features that other pianos have either and instead the features that are on the newer models are more about making the playing experience more comfortable and natural for the players.

kawai k500

Size and design While the size of the Kawai K500 is smaller than the old Kawai K300 it is still a bit bigger than the old grand pianos and other kinds of upright pianos. The difference is so small that it really shouldn’t be much of a difference. The size difference is enough to consider whether or not you want to get a certain brand or type of piano for yourself. But, overall the new model is a step up from the old models that were on the market and many people will prefer the size and design of the new away k500 instead of going with a grand piano, which is a bit larger and heavier than some of the cheaper upright pianos that are available.

Extra key length The thing about some older kawai k500 pianos is that they can only handle so many keys. When they get to around 4 keys or so, they either stop working or they start to play all the notes incorrectly. With the new away k500, you can choose how deep you want your finger to go. This gives you greater control over what notes you want to play and gives you a greater range of notes and chords to work with.

Touch tone vs. attack The most important thing about any piano when it comes to purchasing one is obviously to look at the sound of the instrument. You might think that is simple enough but some people argue that an upright versus a k- 500 are just as important because of how the two differ in the tonal department. Many people argue that an upright is purely a digital keyboard that gives better tone than a k- 500, which is a digital keyboard that uses mechanical pressure. So, which is better?

Touch tone vs. attack Of course, another question to ask yourself before you decide to buy is does it matter whether or not you like the tone of the Kawai k series hammers better or the soundboard on the same model? Some people claim that both are equally great. However, there are some listeners who state that the tone on the k-series hammers is much better. However, it is difficult to tell whether or not this is true simply because each type has its own quirks and strengths. So, in the end, it really depends on your personal preference and taste.

Functionality vs. Expense Kawai k-series hammers are relatively cheap, however the function and functionality are much better. They also have the advantage of being very lightweight and easy to store. However, if you are looking for a highly functional, top of the line, highly musical piano that has a rich tonal quality then the Kawai duplex scale is definitely the one to get. It has a richer sound and gives better tone than other popular models of the same price range. So, whether you are looking for a contemporary piano or a traditional classical piano, the Kawai duplex scale is perfect for you.