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President Doug Ebentein Boca Raton Properties and his wife, Marilyn, have lived in Boca Raton, Florida all of their lives. As a young man, they both attended the University of Florida where President Ebenstein excelled in economics and has since had a lifetime career building successful businesses. In fact, when President Ebenstein passed away in 2021, many of his students went on to start successful businesses themselves. Today, President Doug Ebentein and his wife, Marilyn, are well known throughout the world as the philanthropic leaders of Boca Raton, Florida.

President Doug Ebentein Boca Raton Properties

However, much of the attention that this couple receives is centered upon their life story, which are Boca Raton properties, and their philanthropy endeavors. Most likely you have heard a variation of this story: President Ebenein was working in his second year as a salesman for Guaranty Bank when he met an interesting girl. Mandy Moore was already married and had two children. While dating, President Ebenein took her to lunch in a little French Country restaurant located at the corner of Boca Raton Road and Fifth Avenue.

Mandy sat down and told him about her dream to open a restaurant of her own. President Ebenein was impressed with her passion and was immediately hooked. He asked her to marry him and they eventually decided to build a restaurant together. On September first, they opened their doors and began to slowly fill up. Within a short time they were so popular that they were continually being booked. Today, Mandy and Doug are happily married and have a large number of loyal customers who come to eat at their restaurant.

So, what does this story have to do with President Doug Ebenein? If you take a look at how he started his business, you will see similarities. Like Mandy and Doug, President Ebenein had to struggle through business difficulties. However, he had a good mentor in Dr. Henry Sternberg, who is an entrepreneur who is very well known. Through this relationship, Ebenein was able to gain knowledge on how to manage a business. Today, if President Ebenein could only take lessons from Dr. Sternberg and his other mentors, he would not be where he is today.

In correspondence with Ebenein, Dr. David Grisaffi explains that Ebenein’s education at Boca Raton High School also helped him understand the importance of following a vision. He wrote in his book, “I was deeply impressed by the tenacity with which my friends and I pursued our common vision.” This vision manifested itself into a successful business. As a result, President Ebenstein’s educational background in Boca Raton also has had a positive impact on his success.

President Ebenein’s schooling also included the values of integrity, respect, cooperation, and honesty. These values are also present in the work that he does today as an entrepreneur. For example, when he starts a new company he strives to put these values in action. This also demonstrates that he cares about the people around him and truly desires to make them better.

Another of the President’s education in Boca Raton that impressed him was his love for music. His passion for music would later be channeled into his own musical career. While attending Boca Raton High School, he would play almost every instrument in the school band. He also would start his own band and went on to perform with many local groups. This experience would also prepare him for the business side of things, since he would learn about marketing and business.

President Ebenstein’s education in Boca Raton ended when he went on to study at the University of Miami, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a minor in Economics. There, he earned some degree in accounting but did not spend much time in school there. In fact, he didn’t even have to graduate until his first full year of business. After that, he went on to work for Credit Suisse First Boston, then Lehman Brothers and then Morgan Stanley. While these positions did not require a great deal of schooling, they gave him the skills to help guide his own business, which was born out of a desire to give other people the opportunity to have the same success that he had.