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If you are looking to beautify your house windows, but don’t want the expense associated with wooden or composite window panes, then why not consider installing aluminium shutters? With the wide variety of styles available, it should be possible to find what you are looking for at a reasonable cost. Before considering the benefits of Aluminium Plantation Shutters, let us first look at the advantages of these external shutters.

aluminium shutters

These days most people are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint and spending around the home is just one way to do this. For many external shutters provide an affordable solution to having less light entering a room and they can help to reduce heating costs. With the increase in fuel prices over recent years, it has become even more important to reduce your carbon footprint and spending around the home can help you achieve this. Aluminium Plantation Shutters is specially designed for external use and being of metal construction with a built in chip resistant powder coat, Aluminium Shutters will stretch further across larger areas than most other external shutters, giving you a much clearer, unobstructed view.

It is important to know that aluminium shutters come in a variety of different colours and designs. The most popular colour amongst consumers is white and most aluminium shutters will have a white louvre attached to them. White also gives the house a clean and modern look and with Plantation Shutters, it looks very stylish. Louvres can either be straight across, curved inwards or completely round. Most aluminium shutters come with a matching valance, but if you do not, then you can buy matching valances that match the color of your Plantation Shutters.

One of the great advantages of aluminium shutters is that they are virtually maintenance free and don’t require any painting. However, if you do need to repaint them, you will find the paint job to be very hard work, often requiring high pressure spray equipment to help the process. Other than the paint job, you may need to apply varnish to the plantation shutters once a year to maintain the wood texture appearance that the wood is known for and then you may need to apply a protective coating of varnish to stop the water getting to the shutters and causing damage. However, with this said, many people choose not to paint their aluminium shutters and many companies also offer a natural wood look, which is slightly less maintenance friendly but still looks very classy. If you want an aluminium colour that is slightly darker, you can add some tinted white paint to the louvres for a classier look, or you can buy some imitation wood shutters that will give the exterior of the house a rich, dark, earthly appearance.

If you want to create an outdoor atmosphere, faux wood pvc shutters are the perfect choice, especially if you don’t want the look of aluminium on the outside of your property. These types of outdoor shutters offer a similar, if not identical, appearance to aluminium shutters with the exception of the louvers, which are fauxwood in colour. The fauxwood pvc shutters are more widely available and relatively easy to install; therefore, they are popular when it comes to DIY projects. If you are not confident with your skills, you can call in a company that specializes in faux wood pvc shutters and they will install the shutters for you (and at a reasonable cost), usually under one hour.

Another benefit to fauxwood pvc shutters is the added insulation that it provides. Because they are a close-fitting, insulating product, you will find that when it is warm during the day, the temperature inside your property is lower than it is when closed up. When closed, however, it becomes a much warmer unit, which allows you to save on your heating bills. Aluminium shutters, as well as being difficult to install without the assistance of a professional, are also quite expensive, especially if you want some form of regulation in order to keep the temperature inside your property or office. Faux wood plantation shutters on the other hand, are extremely easy to install by most homeowners; because they are so cheap compared to aluminium shutters, you will get a really good deal if you shop around for the best price.

The insulation provided by faux wood plantation shutters is superior to that offered by standard timber shutters. This is what causes them to be more ideal for insulating your property and keeping the temperature at a comfortable level. If you want to get the most out of aluminium shutters, then you should ensure that they are sealed completely, with the help of a professional. This will ensure that the seal remains intact for many years to come; therefore, you won’t have to worry about your new window accessories staining, peeling, or even rotting away in the future. Once you have done this however, you may not have to bother with it anymore since your investment will have received an all-round excellent sheen.

It is important to remember that although aluminium is a very durable material, it does require regular maintenance and protection. You can provide this by painting your shutters, or by using a special weather resistant coating. Of course, if you’re really keen on protecting your investment, then you can buy plastic varieties of these outdoor home accessories, which will closely resemble the appearance of wooden plantation shutters. Faux wood plantation shutters will be more expensive than their aluminium counterparts; but they will last much longer and are far more likely to stay looking like new.