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“How do I find the right moving service for my move?” That is an excellent question to ask yourself or anyone else who is moving. “Who do I hire to move my belongings from where I am now to my new home?”

“A King’s Son moving and storage is a family-owned, family run and family-operated 4th Generation company that started its operations way back in 1918. Who knows?” We all know there are moving companies out there that charge outrageous moving rates and don’t offer very good moving services. “Why do they charge so much?” People ask this question all of the time and it really is one of the most important questions to ask any moving company or individual when considering moving expenses and comparing the costs with other moving companies.

“A King’s Son moving and storage is a local, family run and family-operated 4th Generation company that started its operations way back in 1918. Who knows?” Really, you don’t know anything about them unless you get a referral or visit their location. A local moving company that offers high quality moving and packing services should be local to the community they serve. If they aren’t, they won’t be very reputable… period.

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The local moving companies that we are talking about charging a flat rate of just $135 per hour, include nationwide movers who may charge even more (but not really). For long-distance moves, however, long-distance movers charge an average of $207 per hour! Do you really believe local moving companies can provide the same quality service as a national moving company?

Let’s compare a long distance move with a local moving service: The long distance movers charge the same flat rate. They also charge the same amount for packing services, but the moving service charges more for the actual moving and packing. And, the local moving companies in Texas charge the same flat rate for full-service moves but they charge much more for smaller moves and local moves where they pack and load the furniture separately. So, what makes the local moving service different?

Long distance moving companies may offer the same price for large items such as televisions or boats, yet they may charge more for smaller items such as rugs and clothing. They may charge the same flat rate for all of your moving boxes and furniture, but they may charge you an hourly rate for loading and unloading your belongings. Also, some companies may only charge a flat fee for moving belongings, but they charge an hourly rate for unpacking your belongings. So, how do you find out if the moving company is charging you an hourly rate that matches what you were charged at the truck rental office?

One way to tell if the moving company is charging you an hourly rate that is not equal to the cost of renting the moving trucks is to weigh the contents of your moving boxes. If the movers charge you the same flat rate for a certain number of boxes, then you may be charged an hourly rate for moving all of your belongings. You can call the moving company to find out the exact charges they are charging for boxes. Some companies may even charge you an additional fee for the use of loading ramps.

How are you getting the stuff moved? Some moving companies use large trucks, while others use stair cases. There are also companies that will ship your stuff for you. The moving truck rental office should give you a complete list of movers that use their equipment. If you are going to use the internet to search for moving companies, you will want to make sure that they have been in business for a long time and are rated highly by other customers. Moving companies that are rated highly are typically the movers you want to use when packing and moving your belongings to a new home or office.