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Working with construction companies working with window replacements can be a bit challenging. You may think that all windows need to be replaced all at once. In fact, some contracts between the customer and contractor specify that only certain windows should be replaced at one time. If this is the case, you will have to learn how to change window frames as scheduled.

Before you learn how to replace a window, you need to understand what causes window replacements in the first place. The most common way that buildings replace windows is by breaking them and replacing them with newer models. Another method used is adding new hardware along the frame of the window and then bolting it into place.

construction companies working with window replacements
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One thing to keep in mind is that the window replacement job must be completed on the same day that the old frame is removed from the wall. After all, the window frame cannot be torn down until the old frame is removed. Once the old frame is removed, it cannot be put back on the wall until the frame is replaced. If the window’s frame is not easily removable, the frame is considered to be non-bearing. In this instance, you would have to hire out someone else to complete the task for you.

If you have existing framing behind your window, the best option for how to replace a window is to go through the old opening and enlarge it with new hardware. This way, the window replacement will work exactly like it did when the window first was installed. For instance, old window frames were placed inside the frame of the new window. When you enlarge the old frame, the window will be installed completely through the old opening. However, there are a few issues to consider when enlarging an opening. If your house receives a lot of winds, you may not be able to go through all of the windows with the oversized frame.

If your window replacement only consists of a casement window, then you do not have to worry about whether or not you can enlarge the frame. The casement window does not use a frame for its installation. The window replacement will work as long as the windowsill is supported in an upright position with no gap between the sill and the opening. It is important to note that if the casement window uses a frame, the sill cannot be put into place until the frame is removed from the wall.

older casement windows were installed with two jambs that fit sideways against each other. Today, new casement windows use screws instead of jambs. There are some homeowners that prefer the older style. Some of the new casement windows are made with nickel-plated hardware. These hardware items are available in stainless steel, chrome or gold plated. The cost difference between a stainless steel jambs and nickel-plated hardware may not be noticeable to some homeowners.

Before starting your window replacement project, make sure that the frame is attached properly to the home’s siding. If the frame is not attached properly, then there will be a gap between the siding and the frame, which can lead to rain water seeping into the home. Make sure that all of the hardware used to attach the frame is included in the price of the replacement window. You do not want to have to add extra charges when you realize that you overlooked one of the hardware components.

Contractors do not recommend doing your own window replacement on your own unless you have experience in this type of repair. Doing the repairs yourself is easy but there is also a good chance that you might do more damage than good to your windows. Professionals should always be consulted before starting any home improvement project. Although you may be able to replace all of the windows yourself, it is better to hire a contractor to do the job. The old adage holds true; “you get what you pay for.” In cases where the cost difference between replacing the windows yourself and hiring someone else is substantial, you may want to consider hiring a window company to do the job instead.