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When knee joint pain strikes, it’s time to find the best orthopedic surgeons in Singapore to cater to your needs. If you think you have a serious injury to your knee, go for an ACL reconstruction surgery in Singapore. ACL reconstruction surgery is a highly effective treatment option for patients suffering from knee pain caused by a knee injury. Whether the knee is in its weakened state or has a complete tear, ACL can rebuild and heal damaged tissues. ACL reconstruction surgery in Singapore will mend a damaged knee in a less invasive way, while still giving the patient a chance to return to their normal active life.

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The ACL or anterior cruciate ligament is a ring of muscles that runs behind the knee. It helps stabilize the knee and prevents it from slipping out of place during walking and running. This thick band of muscles and tendons also helps protect the patella, a bone that makes up the front part of the knee. In a study conducted in 2021, it was found out that ACL tears occur in only three out of every 1000 knee injuries. So, if this complex structure is so important, then why do so many knee injuries occur in the first place?

There are many possible reasons why a knee injury occurs. It could either be a tear in one of the two large and bones, known as the tibial tuberosity, or a combination of both a tibial tuberosity and a menisciapial ligament (the thicker, external portion of the tibia and the knee cap). If a person has a meniscus tear, ACL reconstruction surgery in Singapore will enable them to regain full use of their right knee. Menisciapial ligament injuries, on the other hand, usually occur after a direct blow to the back of the thigh bone.

ACL surgery in Singapore is performed by a dedicated sports surgeon who has undergone a thorough training in handling cases such as these. The dedicated sports surgeon has also been licensed by the Singapore Sports Council (SSC) to perform a number of sports-related surgeries. If you are considering ACL surgery in Singapore, then your surgeon should be a member of the SSC.

How is a knee acl tear diagnosed? The diagnosis of a knee acl tear can be complicated, but it is often a straight forward process. The best way to diagnose a tear is by making a tape measure out of one end of a strip of healthy skin and ending up with a size of a basketball ball. This method is used because the skin heals very well when applied to a small area. After you have made your tape and measured out a small portion of your knee, the best thing to do is to consult a licensed sports surgeon.

Why would an ACL reconstruction be necessary in Singapore? ACLs are common injuries in the United States and Canada. In the United States, ACL injuries are typically caused by volleyball players and football players during their athletic careers. In the Canadian Football League, rugby players suffer a high rate of any tears. Most of these injuries occur during off seasons when teams are not playing and players are more susceptible to injuries due to lack of practice.

How is an acl reconstruction surgery performed? The surgeon will make a small incision along the border of the anterior cruciate ligament to remove a piece of tissue that is responsible for the knee pain. The piece of tissue is then sutured into the skin along the acl tears. The surgeon will then cover up the incision with a piece of bandage to allow the healing process to begin.

What are the benefits of a successful and repair in Singapore? Although ACL tears in other parts of the body such as the knee tendons or knee muscles can lead to serious complications, an ACL tear in the knee is a less severe tear and usually does not lead to permanent damage to the knee. Your orthopedist in Singapore will make sure that you take the appropriate treatment so that your knee will be pain free while it heals. The procedure in Singapore will place you back on to a normal daily routine in just a few weeks.