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Recently, I stumbled upon an interesting site called League Unleashed Reviews. The site covers all sorts of League of Legends related topics, with a special emphasis on LoL coaching. From guides and tips to strategies and advanced techniques, you can find it all on League Unleashed. At first glance, League Unleashed seemed like a complete site geared towards League of Legends players. However, upon further investigation, I discovered that the League of Legends coaching for professionals section was hidden away under a subhead called “How to Be a Toplol Coach.”

Upon further inspection, the niche for League coached was not actually listed under how to be a top or coach. Instead, there was a page called “NAFLD – What You Need to Know About!” which listed several guides that discussed various aspects of the NAFLD (National Association for Football Development) and how it could affect professional gamers. Surprisingly, the League Unleashed reviews did not mention any guides on coaching!

After digging in deeper, I discovered that the League of Legends coaching for pros sub-page had links to pages that discussed various aspects of League of Legends play. Some of these topics included jungle farming, jungling strategies and such. The site also had a list of coaching clients that could be used by pro players! With this, I concluded that maybe the entire site was geared towards helping the LoL community!

What’s great about this site is that it gives players who are aspiring to be professional gamers a place to get help. As previously mentioned, the site offers coaching guides for LoL and has sections where you can find a variety of League of Legends coaching guides. In my research, however, I did not see any League of Legends coaching guides that discussed topics like how to play against certain champ’s. Apparently, League of Legends is still a competitive game.

After conducting my own research, I discovered that League of Legends pro players spend millions of hours training! Imagine how many hours they practice if they had a coach who could tell them when to do that, where to do that and when to all in while playing! Obviously, this coach would have to know everything about LoL. It could take a very long time to learn everything a good coach could teach.

What makes this site such an interesting site is the “lecture-style” format in which the lectures are presented. The site does look quite organized. I especially like the sections on the four major skills and the advice on how to develop your strengths and weaknesses. I also really like the tips on how to be a better player, even if you’re just a beginner.

In my opinion, League of Legends reviews should be more helpful in showing potential readers how coaching can help you improve your skills. These guides, as I’ve said above, are aimed at pro players but I think they miss the mark a little bit. If it were me, I’d spend a lot more time reading the guide and doing coaching tips from it. And since I do play the game, why not apply what I’ve learned? Of course, I’d try to learn everything I could from the guides available online.

The goal is not to become the next Lee Sin or Syndication Ezreal. The goal is to become the best League of Legends player you can be. And the reality is that it can take a lot of hard work and practice in order to reach that level. If you want to be the best, you need to be willing to put in the work and to listen to what other pro players have to say about the game and about the strategies and guides available.